Dust control in confined space during commercial building construction

Our client approached us for assistance controlling silica dust exposure during the fit out process on a worksite for new commercial towers in Sydney.
Control Hire

Location: Sydney

Equipment Hired: Air Cleaner 2000cfm

Case Overview

Our client approached us for assistance controlling silica dust exposure during the fit out process on a worksite for new commercial towers in Sydney. 

Silica dust is a common byproduct of cutting tiles, concrete and other materials that contain crystalline silica. Any exposure to silica dust is a health hazard, but this is further exacerbated for workers in a confined space or if exposure is over a prolonged period. In order to combat the issue, dust control measures were required to protect air quality throughout the duration of the project.


The client required a dust control safety solution that was capable of filtering air in a construction zone that was located in a large commercial building. It was likely that site workers were exposed to silica dust when handling the building materials, so control measures were needed to minimise the risk of silica dust inhalation.

The worksite was located in a large commercial building, so it was important that the dust control solution was powerful enough to filter a large volume of air. It also needed to be both portable and compact so as to fit inside the building entrance and be moved about the site as required.


In order to reduce workers’ exposure to silica dust while working in an enclosed environment, Control Hire supplied the Air Cleaner 2000CFM.  

The Air Cleaner 2000CFM is fitted with three filters (including HEPA filtration), allowing the unit to filter out dangerous materials and noxious dust like crystalline silica. The dual filter system is ideal for capturing both larger and smaller dust particles. As the motor works to draw the dust particles deeper into the filter, its life is extended for greater longevity. This unit also includes a light system to indicate when the filters are full so they can be quickly replaced. 

This air scrubber is capable of filtering up to 2000 cubic feet of air per minute, allowing the machine to replace the air within a building multiple times each hour. The powerful air cleaning capacity of this unit allows it to service more cubic feet per minute, meaning that fewer machines are needed to move the same amount of air as compared to other similar models.

This air filtration system removes 99.7% of small particles making it an ideal choice for extracting silica dust. The Air Cleaner 2000CFM is compact, lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to transport and fit through conventional building entrances.


The Air Cleaner 2000CFM was effectively utilised to filter the air at the large commercial building, minimising the site workers’ exposure to silica dust. It was able to be easily transported to and around the site and thanks to its compact size gaining entrance to the worksite through the conventional building entrances was not an issue.

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