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Control Hire is a construction safety equipment hire business that specialises in products that manage dust, ventilation, noise and fumes on construction sites.

There has been a significant increase in silicosis found throughout Australia and with the NSW Dust Strategy 2020 – 2022 being launched, we believe there is an urgent need for these types of products on all construction sites across the country. Control Hire is about keeping workers safe for the individual and their loved ones.

Dust Control

Noise Control

Fume Control

Ventilation Control

The Control Hire difference

Dust control is a subject that has been continually brought up throughout our industry over the past few years. There is a dire need for a safety specialist hire business within the construction marketplace. Based on our experience within construction hire, the barrier of entry to any competitor is high. There is a need to be specialised within your service offering, and that is something Control Hire proudly exhibits over our competition.

Latest work/Recent Articles

a guide to using respirable dust monitors | control hire

what is silica dust? Silica, commonly known as silicon dioxide are extremely abundant in the Earth's crust and makes up more than 95% of known rocks. It comes in both non-crystalline and crystalline forms. Silica dust is created in construction by using various...

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Construction workers on site with silica monitor

What jobs should be utilising a fume extractor?

If you work in or around construction, there is a high chance you are being exposed to potential fumes from regular use of machinery and toxic substances. Fumes are one of the major health concerns and safety issues that construction site workers face today.

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What jobs should be utilising a fume extractor?