FREE Advice for experts, by experts - Control Hire specialise in hazard management on construction sites, with a range of equipment available for any application, we will attend your project to provide the right advice when it comes to best practice with engineered controls for dust, fumes, ventilation and noise control.
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At Control Hire we aim to ensure our customer service is second to none, with an on-time delivery for all hire equipment.

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Our range of control hire products are all maintained to the highest standards and adhere to all neccessary safety and compliance requirements.

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We choose to partner with the best brands in the industry, giving you peace of mind that all equipment hired through us will be both reliable and of top quality.


Our team of experts are here to help with any question you have about your project, recommended products or using them on site.

Featured Noise Control Equipment

Noise pollution from construction sites can be damaging to your set schedules and budgets. Noise created by construction work can reduce the worker's ability to hear communications and lead to noise related health issues, and the unwanted noise can be disruptive to neighbours. Control Hire's range of cutting stations, temporary sound barriers and Genset enclosures reduce construction noise in some scenarios by up to 97%.

Featured Ventilation Control Equipment

Poor air quality is a significant risk to construction worker health and safety. Addressing air quality is crucial, as low ventilation of contaminated air can have immediate and long-term health effects, and sometimes fatal. Without a proper ventilation solution on site, your workers could experience anything from dizziness and nausea to lung disease, heart disease and cancer. Both our Axial fans and Centrifugal fans are adaptable and have been engineered for use in confined space, inclusive of pits, tunnels, drains and underground areas.

Featured Fume Control Equipment

Fumes are one of the major health and safety concerns that construction site workers face today. Gases, mists, vapours and smoke can all impair employees' health. The fume extractors, filtration and ventilation units provided by Control Hire will keep your employees safe from diesel and welding fumes.