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Large Cutting Station

Echo Barrier Large Cutting Station

Available at Control Hire, the Echo Barrier CS Cutting Station™ is a temporary portable acoustic enclosure that can be erected with ease to contain noise from cutting activities. Its innovative design offers superior noise reduction and absorption from all directions without compromising the process of cutting panels, timbers, tiles, tubes or beams of any length, trimming and pressing foundation blocks, and more!

Product Details

Ideal for use indoors or next to high rise structures, the viewing window provides visibility for communication and safe working. The simple, flexible and effective design comes with all the components required to prevent noise from bouncing off ceilings and walls, whilst containing dust, debris and fumes. 

Its portable design allows for carrying, great when you need to set up and use the cutting station in different areas. Installation is easy as parts folds easily and effectively eliminates unwanted cutting noise in construction sites.

At Control Hire, we value our customers so we offer our tools and equipment hire at an affordable price.


Height: 2100 mm
Width: 2400 mm
Length: 3250 mm
Weight: 118 kg + 18 kg
Fire resistant
UV resistant
Safety features: Night-time reflective strips, hazard icons
Quick install: 2 persons in 15 minutes, foldable


  • Unrivalled noise absorption
  • Outstanding noise insulation
  • Fire resistant 
  • Unique roof for internal building use
  • Clear windows allow safe supervision
  • Fully configurable opening panels
  • Large, clear entrance