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Dust Suppression Cannon V12

V12s Dust Controller

Compact and transportable, the V12S Dust Suppression Cannon is the ideal solution for dust management on your work site. With adjustable speeds and water usage levels this is the equipment to control dust and improve safety in your work environment.

Product Details

Available at Control Hire, The V12s is an exceptionally quiet product, emitting 60 decibels (A) within a 20-meter radius. The turbine has two speeds within the cannons, allowing the suppressors to spray fine water mist at a distance of 25 to 65 metres. The volume of water may be managed remotely on three distinct levels thanks to the products advanced valve technology. The water flow rate is 16–100 l/min, covering dust particles while using minimal water consumption. This is the perfect addition to construction sites, control and suppress hazardous dust at your site today.


Throwing distance: (up to) 25-35* / 50-65 m
Nominal power – turbine 3: / 11 kW
Nominal power – pump: 4 kW
Sound pressure level: LA 60 / 63 at 20m db(A)
Operating temperature: 0° to +40°
Operating temperature with heating kit: -10° to +40°
Turbine tilt: -18° to +40°
Water flow: 16 – 100 l/min
Swing (automatic): ° 350°
Water supply pressure: 2 – 5 bar
*at reduced speed


  • Compact with a fast swerve.
  • Two different run speeds: 3kW (range: 25–35 m) and 11kW (range: 50–65 m).
  • Mountable on mobile and stationary bodies
  • Heating provided for operation in the winter
  • For offset setups, special nozzles with ceramic inserts are available
  • 58° tilt angle
  • 350° pivoting angle