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Mobile Dust Suppression Cannon

Mobile Dust Suppression Cannon

Nautilus – All in One Autonomous Dust Controller

Available at Control Hire, the Nautilus is the appropriate answer for any situation where normal equipment can't be used due to a lack of water or energy. The Nautilus can operate independently for up to eight hours (at 20 l/min). It may be readily sent anywhere due to its modest size.

Product Details

Your all in one solution for dust suppression, the Nautilus is fitted with a dust controller that operates at two speeds and is extremely quiet (60 dB (A) @ 20 m). A 10,000-liter water tank and a 60-kVA power generator are also included.


Throwing distance: (up to) 25-35* / 50-65 m
Nominal power – turbine: 3* / 11 kW
Generator: 60 kVA
Sound pressure level: LA 60* / 63 bei 20m db(A)
Sound pressure level: LA Generator 63 bei 20m db(A)
Operating temperature: -5° bis +45°
Turbine tilt: -18° bis +40°
Water flow: 16 – 100 l/min
Swing (automatic): 350°
Water supply pressure (min.): (min.) 3 bar
Size Water tank: 10.000 l
Halogen lamp: 150 W
Remote control: 100 m
Decibel dbA distance 20 m: 63 dB(A) *at reduced speed


  • Autonomous Operation due attachable water tank and generator.
  • Two speeds: the Nautilus’ particular motor can work with 3kW (reach: up to 30 metres) and 11 kW (range: up to 50 metres), and at 1,000 and 1,500 U/m, respectively.
  • The device is extremely portable