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Odour Control Cannon

V12So Odour Cannon

Whenever and wherever unpleasant odours arise, the V12 Odour Control Cannon is available now to neutralize your unwanted odours. It's 50m projection range at lower water consumption makes it an ideal solution to your odour problems.

Product Details

Available at Control Hire, The V12 Odour is one of our solutions designed to counteract bad odours. The nozzles on our Odour Control Cannon products produce a fine mist, which the turbine disperses across a vast region. When there is a need to avoid the discharge of unwanted odours, measured amounts of biological components are added.

It can also prevent nuisance smells and odours in large-scale complexes, with a projection range of 50 metres. Another significant benefit is the turbine’s pivot function which can be used in applications in large open areas, covering a greater space of air pollutants.

technical data

Throwing distance (up to) 30* / 50 m
Nominal power – turbine 3* / 11 kW
Nominal power – pump 0,75 kW
Sound pressure level LA 60* / 63 at 20m db(A)
Operating temperature 0° bis + 35°
Turbine tilt 0° bis +52°
Water flow 4 l/min
Swing (automatic) 360°
Water supply pressure 1 – 8 bar
Working pressure 70 bar
Tank additive 30 l


  • Low water consumption
  • Impressive 50m range
  • Controllable with a remote control or a keypad
  • Combines water with anti-odour chemical solutions
  • Quiet turbine operates at 60dB(A)
  • Target anywhere with 360-degree swing