Noise Barrier

Temporary Noise Barrier

Available at Control Hire, this barrier provides excellent loud noise reduction and absorption all around. Our industrial noise barriers are portable, sturdy, and easy to alter to match your needs.

Product Details

Temporary noise barriers for construction are sound-blocking equipment that protects workers from noise pollution and prevents sound waves from passing directly from construction noise or traffic noise to residences and businesses within the area.

Keep your work site quiet to the neighboring communities with Control Hire’s industrial noise barriers. Portable and sturdy, these are fast to install and offer impressive noise reduction and absorption along your perimeter or even to target noisy pockets of sound near your equipment or machinery. Water, fire, dust and UV resistant material holds up against even the biggest and busiest work sites.


Height: 2050 mm 
Width: 1335 mm 
Rolled dimensions: 400 mm diameter, 1335 mm wide 
Weight: 6.3 kg 
Fire resistant
Dust resistant
UV resistant 
Safety features: Two night-time reflective strips, hazard icons 
Quick install: 1 person in 30 seconds with installation kits, rollable


  • Fully weatherproof 
  • Fire resistant 
  • Composite material that absorbs unreasonable noise, rather than deflects it
  • Constructed from quality layered noise-dampening materials
  • Super-durable PVC to achieve the maximum possible noise reduction
  • Double reinforced mesh noise barriers, designed for the harshest environments