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Acoustic Barrier and Folding Frame

Echo Barrier V1TM & Folding Frame

Durable but lightweight, this portable folding acoustic barrier is the solution to your noise reduction needs. It's folding form grants a greater acoustic shadow when it come to cornering and quietening your noisy work site areas and equipment.

Product Details

Available at Control Hire, The Echo Barrier V1TM & Folding Frame is a lightweight, portable acoustic screen that can be set up quickly and simply close to the noise or sound wave source, ensuring optimum noise reduction and sound absorption. When compared to typical fence barriers, the distinctive folding form creates a larger acoustic shadow. Made from porous materials, water, fire, and temperature resistance are all features of the V1TM, which is also lightweight and easy to transport in the back of a compact truck or van. This acoustic energy reduction and acoustic absorption equipment is fully weatherproof.

Acoustic frames, often known as sound absorption panels, are a type of soundproofing material that absorbs sound waves upon encountering them. They are used to absorb as much sound energy and achieve sound attenuation to minimise or limit sound frequencies and create a relatively isolated region within a space.


Height: 1940 mm
Folding Frame w/wheels: 2100 mm,
Folding Frame w/feet : 1930 mm
Width: 2560 mm
Thickness: 60 mm
Folded dimensions: 1840 mm length, 1240 mm width, 150 mm depth
Weight: 10 kg, Frame: 17 kg, Wheels: 2 kg x 3, Feet: 1 kg x 3
Water resistant
Fire resistant
Dust resistant
UV resistant
Lightweight design to maintain air flow
Safety features Night-time reflective strips, hazard icons
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Structural design extra features – Support legs and wheels
Quick install 1 person in 5 minutes with installation kits



  • Fully weatherproof
  • Water, fire & temperature resistant
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Fire resistant¬†
  • Sound absorbing composite that achieves total absorption, rather than deflects noise
  • Double reinforced mesh, designed for the harshest environments