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Exhaust Extraction Kit

The safe removal and capture of Diesel Fumes from generators, concrete pumps or other static plants has never been so easy with the Control Hire Exhaust Extraction Kit. Protect your staff and work site from dangerous fumes and carcinogens now.

Product Details

Control Hire’s Exhaust Extraction Kit is used to capture and remove Diesel Fumes from static plants such as generators or concrete pumps – allowing the exhaust to be expelled safely – protecting workers from harmful fumes and carcinogens. The Control Hire team will work with your project team to meet the site specific requirements when it comes to volume of air and distances to keep your site and staff safe.


Duct – 300mm High Temp x 10m / 100mm Exhaust Flex x 5m
Airflow – 6000m³/hr
Motor Size – 2.0kW
Plug – 415V, 20A
Dimensions – 840L x 715W x 702H
Weight – 110kg
Lifting Method – Forklift/Lifting Slings
Silencer/Attenuator – Optional
Noise Level – 77 dBA @ 1m


  • High temperature exhaust extraction
  • Effective over long distances
  • Ideal for static plant exhaust removal
  • Powerful 2.0 kW Motor