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Vibration Monitor

Vibration monitoring systems are important to protect workers, nearby residents, and buildings from the effects of construction vibrations. Control Hire's vibration monitoring equipment is extremely effective and easy to install and use. The Control Hire team will set you up in no time when it comes to your vibration monitoring requirements on any project.

Product Details

Real-time vibration monitoring, Control Hire’s vibration monitors provide high-quality vibration measurement data straight to the cloud. The monitors are quick to install and can be powered by mains or battery. With real-time alerts sent to your mobile or email and inbuilt global standards to the software, our monitors will ensure you are doing the right thing on your project when it comes to vibration.


Direction (Axis) – X, Y, Z
Range Frequency – 0.5 – 250 Hz
Range Velocity – + 300mm/s
Measurements – PPV, PPA, PVS, VDV, Veff, Vper, KBFmax, KBFTm, Velocity Traces
Logging Intervals – 2 – 6000 seconds
Data – GPS Cloud Service
Power – Battery, up to 6 weeks
Dimensions – 190 x130 x 45mm
Weight – 260 grams
Mounting – Screw fixing, Auto Levelling
Applicable Standards – BS7385 / SBR-A / DIN4150-3 / / SBR-B / DIN4150-2 / Circulaire du ’86


  • Quick Installation
  • Remote Monitoring Cloud Service
  • Automated warnings to your mobile or email
  • Inbuilt Global Standards to the software
  • Battery life up to 6 weeks

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