Unrivalled noise + DUST suppression

Suppress Noise & Dust from without compromise.
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noise reduction and dust suppression without compromising the process of cutting concrete, tiles, steel or other hazardous materials of any length

XL Cutting Station

Introducing our  Noise & DUST suppressing cutting station.

Our Hire-Ready Cutting Station will help put an end to construction noise and dust on any project.

Filter noise, fumes and contain dust. Our cutting station protects those inside and close to the vicinity with superior suppression from all directions without compromising work processes.


  • Max noise absorbtion: 43 dB (lab tested – in all directions)
  • Remove dust & fumes with customisable duct and extraction lengths to suit your project
  • Protects workers from dangerous fumes, dust, silica (RSS) and noise pollution
  • Water, fire and UV resistant

  • Available in a range of sizes

built tough 

Ideal for use on indoor construction sites or next to high -rise structures. With multiple viewing windows, our cutting station maximises visibility allowing easy communication and safe working.

The simple design comes with all the components required to prevent noise from bouncing off ceilings and walls, whilst containing dust, debris and fumes from raw materials.

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