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Control Hire specialises in noise reduction created on construction sites in Melbourne. We have a range of temporary sound barriers including the Noise Control Wall, cutting stations & generator enclosures available for hire in Melbourne and across Victoria.
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Controlling Noise in Construction

Noise pollution can be damaging to your set schedules and budgets. Noise created by construction work in Melbourne can reduce the worker’s ability to hear communications and lead to noise related health issues, it can also be disruptive to the neighbouring environment around site (general public, housing, businesses etc) and cause noise complaints to EPA Melbourne . Noise control solutions will ensure long term auditory safety and reduce disturbance to the public.

Our Noise Control Equipment

Control Hire’s range of Cutting stations, Temporary sound barriers (temporary acoustic barriers) and Genset enclosures achieve effective noise reduction by up to 97% in some scenarios.

Noise Creation on Site

Cutting, wall chasing, drilling, grinding, blasting, piling, excavation, and breaking are just a few of the machines that produce harmful and unreasonable noise levels on the job site. Activities that exceed 80 decibels are deemed dangerous, and each decibel has a maximum exposure time.

Small generators and compressors can also generate a lot of noise at low frequencies, which means the noise can travel greater distances and create problems in more places.

While the user of such equipment will be protected by PPE, additional safeguards for other workers and members of the public will be required.

Failure to implement proper measures in reducing noise in construction, particularly while machinery such as the one described above is in operation, can cause irreversible hearing damage to your personnel.

Noise Related Health Risks

Hearing loss can be gradual, and by the time most sufferers detect a change, it’s typically too late. As a result, claims for hearing damage and tinnitus may arise in the future due to a lack of effective construction safety measures like noise control on site.

Excessive noise exposure can have far-reaching consequences. Psychological tension, weariness, worry and depression, decreased memory, and social disengagement are just a few of the long-term debilitating illnesses and ailments that can result from losing one of your major senses. Reduced job performance and income loss might be disastrous as a result. Many of these long-term impacts take time to manifest, just as hearing loss and tinnitus.

Thus, it’s important to apply noise reduction equipment and ensure that you protect the safety of your workers and pay respect to the surrounding neighbours.

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Noise Control - Melbourne

Featured Noise Control Equipment

Noise pollution from construction sites can be damaging to your set schedules and budgets. Noise created by construction work can reduce the worker's ability to hear communications and lead to noise related health issues, and the unwanted noise can be disruptive to neighbours. Control Hire's range of cutting stations, temporary sound barriers and Genset enclosures reduce construction noise in some scenarios by up to 97%.

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